Poker Software FAQ

How to Use the Poker Options / How Poker Software Features Can Help You

Ever since the first online poker room opened, poker software has continued to evolve resulting in tremendous advancements. There are 2 types of poker software

Poker Site Software – This is the kind of software that the poker site you play on provides. You download the poker site’s software when you first register and it is required to play on their site. Over the years, responding to player requests, this proprietary software has gotten better and contains more poker options.

  • Better Data Display, Smoother Graphics, and Customizable Settings – After all the poker software evolution, every poker site provides all of the primary information clearly. This allows you to see chip stacks and pot sizes. The graphics are crisp and fast and many settings are available to allow you to act on your hands in a way that best suits you.
  • Hand History and Player Notes – Being able to go back and look at the history of hands that you played is a great tool for finding “leaks” in your game. A leak is an area of your game that you are not playing optimally and that is costing you money, or allowing your chips to leak away. Once these leaks have been repaired you will immediately notice an increase in the average EV percentage, over a period of time.
  • Multi-Table Display Options – Most poker sites offer a number of different views for playing on more than 1 table at a time and you will be given the option to switch between them until you find the one you are most comfortable with. If you have a large enough monitor it might be your choice to show all tables at the same time in their own windows, breaking the screen up in to table sized segments. Another option is to set the software to tile the table windows on your screen, allowing you to skip from one to the other manually. Either way the software will always bring the table requiring your action to the forefront.
  • Special Poker Software Features and Options – There are a number of different options available at different poker sites. Some of these options are to expose a card of your choice after the hand is over and rabbit hunting, where on hands that do not make it to the river you can see what cards would have hit the board. Some online poker sites also offer a deal it twice option that allows 2 players, with the option enabled and at least 1 of them all-in, to choose to run the remaining draw 2 times and paying half of the pot to each winner.

Special Add-On Poker Software – There are a few companies making poker software that integrates with the poker site’s software, providing you with many advanced features. It is advisable to check, in advance of purchase, to see if the add-on software will work with the poker site where you play. Any poker player that wants to take their online game to the next level should look into these available poker software solutions

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