USA Poker Sites Accepting Checks

One of the less common but nonetheless viable methods for depositing at poker sites is using a paper check which you mail to the site that deposits it in their account and loads fund into your player account.  While check is a good option for large deposits, the processing times are quite long so there are better options for instant deposits however check is one of the best ways to withdraw funds from the site since they offer higher limits and a safe way to deposit your winnings.  On this page we’ve listed all of the poker sites that are currently accepting deposits via Check as well as an overview of how to successfully fund your poker account using a Check deposit.

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  • 3 All Jackpots Casino
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  • 4 All Jackpots Casino
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  • 5 SportsBetting Poker
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  • 6 SportsBetting Poker
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    • Fast Payouts: 1-2 Days
  • 7 SportsBetting Poker
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    • $3.5 Million Guarantees
    • $1 Million Sunday Tournament

In order to make a deposit via Paper Check you will first need to get in touch directly with the poker site to find out whom the check should be made out to and where you will be sending it in order to facilitate your deposit.  Once you have this information you would write the check with the amount you want to deposit and reference your account number or the information provided by the site to ensure that the check funds end up in your account.

When it comes to sending checks to poker sites, there are a few options that can speed up the process versus sending a regular paper check from your account that could take up to two weeks to clear.  Some of the best options would include getting a certified check where the bank actually verifies and holds the funds in your account, a bank draft which is similar or a money order which is basically a cash instrument that debits the funds from your account and is guaranteed for the receiver.  These are definitely better methods than sending a normal personal check since these will take a long time to clear and sending something certified will enable the site to credit your deposit much faster.

Cashing out of US poker sites with checks

Perhaps the most common method where you will see checks used by poker sites is for the withdrawal process.  If you’ve deposited via a credit card that can’t be cashed out or a money transfer service most likely the only withdrawal option the site will provide to you will be via Paper check.  This option is usually free and takes between 1-3 weeks to receive the money.  Some sites will offer express checks which are sent via courier that arrive between 1-3 days and these have fees associated with them ranging from $20-$50 depending on the provider.  In some cases, poker sites will allow a free express withdrawal each month which means you can receive your funds sooner rather than the standard option.

Once you’ve received the check from the poker site simply visit your local bank and make the deposit either with the teller or through the ATM machine.  If you have a new bank account or are not an established client with a good record chances are the check will be held for 5-20 business days in order to verify the funds are legitimate.  To avoid this, it’s best to deposit the check directly in the machine which only requires 5 days of holding versus a potentially longer period through the teller.  If for any reason the check does not clear (which can happen sometimes) don’t panic and get in touch with the poker site.  Unfortunately this happens sometimes but the sites will re-issue you a check or send the funds to you via another deposit method to ensure that you receive your withdrawal request.