About Us - The Team Behind USPokerSites.net

Our website was founded in 2006 to provide online poker players with an unbiased resource for comparing poker rooms and gambling sites across a wide range of criteria.  In order to provide the best guide possible for our visitors we’ve included everything from reviews of sites to deposit specific toplists and niche specific listings to enable our visitors to find the perfect site based on their needs as a player.

The Team

Michael Atkin is the founder of the site and has been playing poker for over 10 years in both live poker rooms as well as online.  For the past 6 years Michael has been involved on the business side of the industry providing players with a number of high quality websites used to research various poker rooms.

Stephanie Raus is our chief editor at the site and is responsible for editing and assembling the content written by the entire team.  Stephanie is also an avid poker player with a degree in Journalism who enjoys staying on top of industry news and happenings and publishing them on our website.

Paul Gotier is the other member of our team and is the head writer for the site publishing all content and articles you see written here.  Paul holds a degree in Journalism and wrote a personal sports blog before joining our site as a full-time writer, he is also a huge poker fan and tournament player.

How to Contact US

In order to get in touch with us please email us at (info@uspokersites.net) with any questions, comments or concerns that you may have.  Please note that we do not participate in link exchanges or sell advertising and absolutely will not respond to any inquiries meant to manipulate search engine rankings.  Regarding promotions of sites, we have already established the list of rooms we enjoy working with and therefore will not respond to requests from affiliate managers requesting listings of their properties.  Although we’d like to respond to all requests the amount we receive necessitates filtering of certain messages.

Privacy Policy & Disclaimer

Our site respects the privacy of our visitors and will not share your personal information with anyone except the sites that we work with.  We may also use cookies to track your visits to our marketing partners however these are not used in any way to indentify any personal information about you.
We are also against underage gambling and prohibit those under age in their jurisdiction from using our site to research and/or sign up at a gambling site.  Also, online gambling may be illegal in your area so it’s best to contact your lawmakers before engaging in real money play.  Our site has no liability or responsibility for ensuring that the gambling sites listed here are legal in your country of residence.

Problem Gambling

Although online gambling can be very entertaining some players develop an addiction to poker and other games that can’t be controlled and creates irrational and often damaging behaviours.  Because of this, we’d like to offer any visitors who feel they have this problem information on how to seek and obtain free assistance from one of the many problem gambling agencies around the globe.  Below you will find links to their websites along with contact information that will give you free assistance in dealing with your problem in a safe and effective manner.